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Making Scuffed Heels A Thing of The Past

Novelty Heels was founded upon the principle of shoe and stiletto preservation by providing women the most affordable, vegan friendly and cruelty-free shoe care option on the market.


The passion behind Novelty Heels stems from its founder, Layla Francis. As a child, Layla Francis would notice that every year or so her mother would have to replace her heels due to everyday wear and tear. Heels that were an intregal aspect of her everyday life as she wore them to church, to work, and for other special occasions. Noticing that yearly pattern of unnecessary change, drove Layla Francis to design the slip-on now known as Novelty Heels.

At its core, Novelty Heels is a high heel protector that provides a way for women everywhere to extend the life of their shoes and stilettos. This carefully crafted accessory easily covers existing scuffs and scratches that have long plagued women’s heels, and stands as a guard against future scuffs and scratches. As an added bonus, Nonvelty Heels comes in multiple colors, and is interchangeable. It's the ideal matching fashion statement or that perfect splash of accent color against your dress or outfit. 


Our Mission

“When we set out to design Novelty Heels, we did so with more than affordability in mind – we wanted our product to be vegan and cruelty free,”

- Layla Francis

Our Vision

We’ve put so much time and energy into crafting a heel protector that not only serves the purpose of protecting your heels from scuffs and other damages but makes them stand out as fashion statement pieces. We’re talking true works of art at your feet, quite literally. 

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